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Outdoor Signage

The hard truth is that signage is not considered by many business development experts as significant for marketing, and the reason is clear, they are simply ignorant of its value. If the real value of signage were known, billions of dollars would shift from several media type that are, on average, ineffective for the typical purpose.
Nevertheless, Outdoor advertising is one of the fastest growing media in the Middle East and North Africa region. As a recent development, the cluttered low-performing other traditional medias have virtually aided outdoor media to gain more leverage over others in this part of the world.

Roof-Top Signs

Most countries in the Middle East allow advertising signs installed on the top of the roof of buildings. A carefully planned media campaign can use this outdoor medium for the best of ROI if compared with other outdoor options. Large format advertising billboards we manufacture are seen on roof-tops, building façade, factory-roof and on steel structure on road-side Oman.

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Unipoles Signs

Unipole, a sign structure fabricated on a single steel pole, is considered to be one of the most preferred outdoor media, installed on high-ways, airport roads, busy streets and most suitable for reminder media campaigns. To target commuters, Captains of Industry and higher income consumers, Diamond Advertising and Publicity's Unipoles offer the ideal solution. They are located the best prime positions in the capital and on the road leading to the International airport.
With almost similar nature of Mupi signs, Megacoms are yet with more gigantic poster size at traffic signals and important intersections. Diamond Advertising and Publicity offers a range of cost effective packages together with an al a carte menu to maximize coverage. Many strategically placed sites in major cities like Muscat ensures your campaign gains maximum exposure. port port


Mupis Signs

Seen common in almost all cities of the GCC, installed in the divider of one-way roads, Mupi signs are one of the best outdoor form of media for advertisers who need to launch a product or keep reminding a brand to a common public. Due to the smaller, more pedestrianised nature of Oman, Diamond Advertising and Publicity recommends Mupis as the ideal format. They are close to Point-of sale, increasing the modal level of advertising, in good locations and each circuit covers the whole of Oman. Diamond Advertising and Publicity is the exclusive national operator for the majority of Mupis in Oman making us your first choice for booking. port


Flex Signs

Diamond Advertising and Publicity making The Flex Face external light box system offers an ideal medium for larger outdoor illuminated promotions. It has a robust and durable 200mm deep aluminum profile which makes up the back box with an area on the profile called the mandrel, which allows the banner graphic to be tensioned and fixed into place. Also banners and flag pole are available in Diamond Advertising and Publicity. port


Neon Signs

Neon is a illuminated sign and one of the most attractive form of the external signs . It requires immense care and professionalism for fabrication. Neon can be incorporated into several different forms of lettering. It is also widely used as a decoration element and external building lighting. Diamond Advertising and Publicity is proud to be one of the successful neon signage manufacturers in Oman. port